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SwapFinder is specialized for swingers and threesome finders to find swinger dating and threesome dating. It is free to join for swingers and bisexual people and bi couples looking for threesome. Launched in 1996, SwapFinder owns enormous threesome finders and swingers. That’s is one reason why Swap Finder is also popular with old design. It is an adult dating site, all members are requested over 18 years old.

How Create an Attractive Threesome Dating Profile

A popular threesome dating can attract more attention, if your profile can out stand among hundreds of profiles, undoubtedly, you will get more choice and chances to find a real swinger and threesome finder. To make a nice profile just consider the three tips.

First of all, you need fill in basic information. it is the first step for every dating site has. You will never feel unacquainted, even if you never join a dating site. Then, next step you need upload a suitable picture to show your appearance. When uploading your photo, just select a clear and real photo which makes your quickly approved by admins of SwapFinder. Lastly, you need write something about yourself and your matches. It is important to make other swingers and threesome finders get more about you. However, do not write too much, most of users do not have enough time to read your novel. Make your profile short and clear.

Features On SwapFinder.com

SwapFinder offers some basic features that most threesome dating sites have like, instant messages, sending and receiving emails, winks, etc. For these users with free memberships can access to find their potential threesome partners or swinger partners. However, if a swinger or threesome finder wants start threesome dating effectively, he or she need use some advanced features and service contact other users. Check some useful features here:

  • <1>. Video Chat.. Few threesome websites have this feature, it is only used these swingers or bisexual people who trust each other. If you find a reliable threesome partner or swinger partner, both of you can chat face to face online.
  • <2>. Threesome Dating Magazine. For threesome finders and swingers, if they are new or curious about bisexual relationship or threesome relationship, they can read threesome dating magazines and find right ways or tips to find threesome or start swinger dating. It is available for login members.
  • <3>. SwapFinder Chat Rooms. Swap chat rooms are classified by geographic region or by topic of interest. If you are new and do not know which chat room fits you, just choose your region and find local swap finder or threesome finder. It is more active than other places. An active swap chat room gives users more chances to find a threesome.

Price of SwapFinder

Premium Membership for Site
1 month $30 month Total $30
3 month $20 month Total $60
12 month $15 month Total $180

Security and Privacy

As the website said:"SwapFinder does not conduct criminal background screening of its members". Fake emils, fake photos or some profiles reported by other users will be deleted or banned by admin of Swap Finder. When someone asks you go out to meet him or her face to face, think over about it. If you trust the user on this site, you can meet the guy. After all, there are hundreds and thousands members on SwapFinder, it can not make sure all of users are real and reliable.


As an olde and big swinger dating site, SwapFinder is ranked one of top threesome dating sites here. Although its old design make it not attractive among other beautiful dating sites, SwapFinder still draw swingers’ attention. Some unique features and service make it highlight. If you are swinger finder or a threesome finder, this site is a nice choice, It you only looking for threesome, you can visit the specific threesome dating site like: CoupleLookingForAThird or FindAThreesome for threesome dating.

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